Friday, 10 August 2012

Everyone seems to have a blog!

I've been thinking about writing a blog for a few months now, lots of other runners write blogs, so why not me? In truth its because I couldn't think of a catchy title for it
So thanks to Kelly Clarkson for coming to my rescue last week. I was also a little bit stumped over how to describe myself as a runner so thanks also go to Olympic double gold medal winner Mr Bolt I can now desribe myself as "like Usain Bolt only much slower".
So tonight I'm off to the fabulously over titled Annan Festival of Running possibly the most low key but high fun event of my running calendar, starting with a one mile track race followed 30 minutes later by a 3.5 mile cross country run, followed tomorrow with a 6 mile road race and a 4 mile hill race on Sunday. I'll miss the road race as I've a 3 hour road run lined up for tomorrow in preparation for the Berlin Marathon.
Next weekend myself and the die hards of Dumfries Harriers are heading to the Island of Coll for the Coll Half Marathon a deceptivly tough race with an epic ceilidh afterwards.
The one mile race will be a major challenge for me as virtually all my training has been about marathons and ultra-marathons, with a good chunk of long trail training sessions thrown in for good measure. Last year I took my first and to date only fall, whilst running the cross country race, ending up with the entire left side of my body decorated with enormous blue and purple bruises, I'll be using the Inov8 315's tonight to avoid a repeat.
So what's my motivation for joining the blogosphere? well despite swearing initially I'd never run anything further than a 10K race, I've now got 3 marathons under my belt and joined the glorious world of Ultra running this year by completing the D33 and the Highland Fling and I've decided I'd like to run the West Highland Way Race next year.
So I'm going to share the process of training for the WHW race with the world, I bet you can't wait Eh!

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