Thursday, 20 June 2013

One More Sleep

Well after over 8 months of thinking about it, training totally focussed on it, living it; breathing it and boring non running family and colleagues about it, its finally here.

After one more sleep I'll be toeing the start line for the 2013 West Highland Way Race.

So how do I feel?

Well, I'm neither nervous nor scared, nor too excited nor daunted. I set out a training plan in early January and pretty much stuck to it. I had good build-up races at the D33 and The Fling, I even managed a PB at the 10K Mabie Trail Race.

Weekend after weekend of back to back trail runs, with lots of ascent and descent. On club nights I'd turn up early and squeeze in 3 miles before the standard 8 mile run. All through the winter, mile after mile in the cold, wet and dark a total of just under 1100 miles since January 1st. And pretty much no booze for 6 months too.

So before the kick off, a few thank-you shout outs
  • Thanks to my family for tolerating their absent father
  • Thanks to my fabulous support crew for giving up their weekend
  • Thanks to my training mates for their company and encouragement
  • Thanks to my work colleagues who've listened to my training tales when palpably not interested
  • Thanks to the West Highland Way family for the company, banter and encouragement
  • Thanks in advance to the organisers and marshals who make it all possible
The car is all packed, the accommodation booked, the check lists double checked, no last minute panicking, if it isn't packed now it isn't going.

So tomorrow will be a nice relaxing, easy day, heading up to Milngavie and hopefully catching some sleep before the off.

I'm happy that I've done everything I could to prepare for this, short of giving up work and becoming a hermit.

I've never been fitter, never felt more prepared both physically and mentally and I'll be carrying the words of Fiona Rennie with me for all 95 miles, in case I wimp out.

"The pain and discomfort I feel in this challenge of MY choosing will never come close to those fighting terminal illness"

Crystal Goblet here I come.

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  1. Now it is all over and we known the outcome, it is very interesting to read your pre-race thoughts and mindset when the outcome wasn't known. Well done!! MtM