Monday, 11 November 2013

Had a bad Day?

I had a truly rubbish day at work last week. The week had started so well, coming off the adrenalin high from the GO33 and the luxury of 5 days with no travelling or hotel stays in prospect I settled down to sell all the remaining oddball sizes in our stock yard at work before the winter really kicks in. I’d been making great progress with some great orders and was on a real high and then something got dumped on me from above, not just a little dump. But huge great steaming excremental dump, a dump of Brobdingnagian proportions, the kind of dump that makes you seriously consider drafting your resignation letter because frankly you think “what’s the sodding point?”.

I don’t own a cat or a dog so kicking them is out of the question and the logistics and mess of kicking the family goldfish outweigh any satisfaction and release achieved. I even tried to hit the bottle, cracking open a nice bottle of red wine, but after half a glass my heart just wasn’t in it and you just don’t get the same release from a can of caffeine free diet coke and a bag of fruit gums.
A spot of serious man moping didn’t lighten my black mood and I couldn’t find a punch bag. With my legs still hurt from GO33 I couldn’t even go for a run to clear my head, so I did the only thing a frustrated and fuming runner can do….I entered some races!

As some of you may know I spend quite a bit of time in London on business. As people there know I “do a bit of running” every trip usually prompts a regular chorus of “What big race are you doing?” and “are you running for charity?” Generally they have no concept of the distances. Conversations usually run along the lines of

Q             “So this race you’re doing, how long is it?”
Me         “It’s a marathon its 26.2 miles”

Q             “But what about the big race you did last time for charity?”
Me         “The Edinburgh marathon, it was 26.2 miles too”

Q             “So why don’t you do the London marathon?”
Me         “because I didn’t get a place in the ballot”

Q             “How far is the London marathon?”
Me         “It’s a marathon its 26.2 miles”

Q             “So how far is a half marathon?”
Me         “Aaaaaargh”

You get the general picture. I suppose for most “normal” non-running people the concept of running any distance they’d normally drive in their cars to cover is beyond comprehension.
Anyway back to the “had a bad day” theme. I’ve been toying with a spring marathon to have a crack at improving my marathon PB (loch Ness, 2011 3:25:51), so while any sane and sensible person would kill two birds with one stone, with one marathon, 26.2 miles in case you’ve not been listening. I’ve signed up for two, namely Lochaber and Edinburgh. Lochaber will be my racing marathon and Edinburgh my fundraising one.

My running year is shaping up quite nicely now

March                   D33
April                       Lochaber Marathon; Highland Fling
May                       Edinburgh Marathon

June                      WHW (supporting this time rather than running)
July                        Lakeland 50

August                  Coll Half Marathon
October               Berlin marathon

Disappointingly I can’t say I feel a lot better as I still have to suppress the desire to run out and punch some-one but at least I’ve got lots of races to look forward to now. Mind you January and February look a bit empty…..reaches for credit card and……..


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