Thursday, 8 January 2015

What's on the menu for 2015?

Whilst my enthusiasm for running grew through 2014, my enthusiasm for blogging dwindled in equal measure. So whilst I don't generally bother with New Year resolutions, I've decided to endeavor to be a bit less erratic with my posts in 2015.

I suppose the key decision for this year was NOT to enter the West Highland Way race. Although I wouldn't completely rule out going for another goblet at some point in the future. There are a number of reasons for this:-
  • I don't feel I can make the wholehearted commitment to the training required without making unacceptable sacrifices to both family and work
  • If I can't commit wholeheartedly to it, I'm certainly not going to commit to a race of that magnitude halfheartedly
  • I seem to be able to run 50-ish mile ultras without serious damage to my body
  • I'm selfish, the injuries I picked up during the WHW in 2013 kept me away from running for 2 months and I don't want a repeat
  • I'm still in discomfort from the foot injury I picked up and a little part of me is scared that I add to or aggravate it and kybosh my running career
Bruised, black, damaged and swollen feet Post WHW race

Having ruled out the WHW race, I've lined up a reasonable list of races for 2015

Feel the Burns hill race (13 miles)  - my first bash at a proper hill race

Devilla Forest 15K trail race
Malta Marathon

D33 Ultra

Highland Fling

Cateran Trail Ultra - my first go at this one
Edinburgh Marathon  - not wholly decided about this one yet

Mabie Forest 10K Trail Race - our club trail race
Not racing but supporting Caroline on the WHW race

Lakeland 50  - despite spending most of last year's race saying I'd never do it again, I'll be back for a second attempt

Tiree Ultra Marathon - Dumfries Harriers are heading here en mass this year instead of the usual Coll half Marathon trip
Dumfries Half Marathon

Glasgow Santa Dash

Marcothon 2014, completed
I'd really like to have a go at the Speyside Way Ultra in August, never having run this one plus I think the medal looks really nice, how shallow am I?

I'm also tempted to try some 10K and half marathons as long as they fit in the training schedule. I put in a lot of miles in November and December and my average pace on my training runs is not far off my PB paces, so there might be some room for improvement there.

Having listed all the above, I'm actually taking a few days off running having picked up a roving injury on my right glute, hip and upper thigh during the Marcothon.

Happy running


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